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Angela Giles, Michael Barrett, Cori Hughes
With the growing reliance on social media, we no longer search for news, or the products and services we wish to buy. Instead they are being pushed to us by friends, acquaintances and business colleagues.  - Erik Qualman With the growing reliance on social media, we no longer search for news, or the products and services we wish to buy. Instead they are being pushed to us by friends, acquaintances and business colleagues.
- Erik Qualman

Join our VIP Inner Circle of Friends where we will take you by the hand... AMP up your business using Simple Cutting-Edge Strategies to create a Massive Social Media Presence that equals Explosive Profits!
Dear Entrepreneur,If you think that your business is in need of Social Media Marketing Strategies but don’t know where to start, then, this is the most important letter you have read in a long time.

We have helped hundreds of people, just like you, take control of their social media presence and increase their bottom line!

… And guess what?

First and foremost, the best part is that they have turned their Social Media funnels into pure gold!

Better yet…

What would you say if we show YOU how to cash in on this powerful phenomenon by leveraging SIMPLE but efficient tools that we use every day to manage an ever expanding and thriving social media empire?

Social Media
Simply put…
Our goal is to assist you in getting MASSIVE results, period! Simply by hanging out with everyone else on virtually every Social Media Networking site there is! The list of platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google +, Radio, Webinars, … continues to expand every single day.

Here is the good news – this doesn’t have to be time consuming or overwhelming… it is downright simple to manage with the right tools and mentors. And guess what? That is exactly where we come in. We are going to teach you how to:

  • Make insane amounts of money using Social Media!
  • Work smart and have TONS of fun!
  • Turn your friends into repeat customers.
  • Turn your customers into viral referring machines.
With our social media coaching, we will see to it that you are up to speed in no time to increase your social media presence and, most importantly: your bottom line!Our Aim is to Keep it Simple.

You will wonder how you ever got along without us! Our coaching program is hands down the best out there! We guarantee it!

We will cover topics like:
SMR How to build quality relationships and increase your followers
SMR Increase the response rate of people with whom you share your content
SMR Increase the re-tweet rate of your twitter community
SMR Connecting more effectively with your targeted niche
SMR Develop effective strategies to manage and automate social media tasks
SMR Introduce you to tools that ACTUALLY work.
SMR Get Mega Leads in real time using social media
SMR How to share and sell without being sleazy !
SMR Daily Management of your social media funnels
SMR The best time to post, tweet, share, like, pin, etc.
SMR The difference between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn “speak”
SMR Engaging people with social media through personal branding
SMR Play by the “right rules” in the social media, and at the same time put money into the bank.
SMR and the list goes on and on!
Act now, take massive action, turn your connections into paying customers and build a highly profitable business all using Social Media, the RIGHT WAY!
We are so excited about working with you!
- Angela, Michael, and Cori
Are you ready to take massive action and explode your business with the power of social media?

Your First Achievement!

Finally! A place where you can learn and implement the basic action steps of social media so that you can actually begin to realize your social media goals and explode your bottom line with
cutting edge technology!
One Star Achiever
Join a group of dedicated entrepreneurs who will learn how to gain new followers, get more traffic and make more sales using the incredibly viral power of social media.We will focus on the basics of social media in order to create the best results, manage your social media time, and implement daily social media habits and everything necessary to build a phenomenal social media presence.
Every Monday we will share a new social media action step!
We will record a 10-15 minute video that will focus on specific social media topics. They will be visual, step-by-step and easy to follow. The video will be shared every Monday by 6:00 PM EST in the private group. Questions and answers will be entertained in the group so that you get a full understanding of each topic covered!

LIVE Webinar Events!
Enjoy four LIVE Webinar events monthly, that will cover a topic in more detail, in a visual way! You will be able to interact, address specific business scenarios and work together with other members to mastermind ideas that will fit YOUR business!
Our team will be at these LIVE events and will be available to field your questions. This is your chance to pick our collective brains! We will mastermind strategies and work together to be the best we can be. All calls will be recorded and available for viewing later.

Here’s what you will receive every month…
SMRWeekly 10-15 minute Videos around Targeted Social Media Topics (recorded for viewing at any time!)
SMR4 - One hour live Webinar for intense and targeted Social Media Topic Mastery, LIVE Q&A (recorded for viewing at any time!)

SMRSocial Media Audits where we analyze your complete Social Media presence and give you feedback.

SMR2 – Live Q & A Sessions with our team of coaches- Angela, Michael, and Cori to answer any question that you have on social media!

SMRA private Star Achiever Facebook Group where you interact with other members as well as direct access to our team of coaches- Angela, Michael, and Cori!
SMRDaily Habits for Success – released into your private Star Achiever Facebook Group.
SMRWeekly Events to help build fans, followers and connections.
SMRMonthly Premier Academy of Social Media Newsletter that assists you in becoming proficient in various aspects of social media.

SMR Access to our Secret Rolodex of Premier Social Media Resources.

SMRAccess to all our products and any futures products while you are enrolled in the Star Achiever Coaching program.

SMRFree Attendance to one yearly live event while a member of the Star Achiever Coaching program.

SMRSocial Media Templates that include but are not limited to Mind Maps, How Tos, and Step by Step documents.

SMRand much, much more!
All Webinars will be recorded and archived from the date you become a member. Access to prior recorded events will be limited, so jump in and grab your spot!
SMREvery month we will focus on a topic with the intent of getting you to master that particular topic!
SMRFirst hand access to Angela, Michael, and Cori every week!
SMRFeatured VIP guests to give you additional actionable steps that will help you take your business to the NEXT LEVEL AND BEYOND!

*You are agreeing to a monthly membership to the Achievers’ Social Media Marketing Inner Circle. This is a month to month service. By purchasing this risk-free discounted membership period, I understand that after 14 days I will be charged $49.00 every 30 days until I cancel. You can discontinue the membership at any time. I also understand that I am under no obligation and can cancel at anytime.


Listen to what our customers are saying:

“Oh my gosh! Thank you all…I went from 0 likes/repins to 15 likes and 39 repins! You guys are awesome! Thanks”- Myda Muckala

“Thanks to both you, Cori and Angela. My 7 free days are up and I was thinking ‘I don’t need this course’. Well, guess what! Just goes to show, you can know so little that you don’t know what you don’t know… lol I’m sticking around for this one!!!! That first Webinar was great… Amazing how you can take what I do every day and make me see it totally differently. For instance, with Pinterest I was finding amazing pictures and pinning them and having a great time and then I thought ‘why am I wasting my time doing this?’ and although it was fun, it was totally silly. Well, today the light bulb went on….Thank-you… this course is going to be great!” – Vivan Fitzgerald